Sling with 1 Chain



Mouldpro offers best solutions which can adjust the length of Chain Sling serving for unsymmetric

lengths with convenience and functionality,

also with following features.

Light weight but heavy duty system, extreme wear resistance and longer life than traditional components.

• Cost effective compared to conventional slings using multiple components.

• Product designed according to EN1677 and PAS 1061, tested according to GS-OA-15-05.

• Each component is Proof Load tested at 2.5 times the WLL with certification for each sling.

• Each component is Fatigue Rated to 20,000 cycles at 1.5 times the WLL.

• Each component is marked with batch number that links to the test certificate with full traceability

to raw material.

• Fully integrated shortening clutch and master link.

• No reduction in WLL when shortening chain.

• Replacement parts available worldwide.

• Equipped with NFC/RFID Inspection Chip



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